Sunday, March 11, 2012

Telat Bangun, show must go on

I will not tell you to much these days. The point is I wake up to late today because of a sudden alarms are usually  woke me up suddenly silent. While my first single promotion schedule on MANTAP ANTV  far away from Jakarta make me lilttle crazy. But how lucky me because have a great team that helped me prepare for everything. And the show well done!

My Fashion designer using bottons as application on my top's

From the begining

I'm using my outfit from crazy no play, feel so sexy with the handmade top's

I'm ready to perform, waiting on the backstage

 Show is started, singing my first single KOPI DARAT

 look at me on tv, my performance was great rigth?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Joged dangdut ala R & B

Who said sing dangdut is something easy?

I've tried and it was very difficult. "Cengkok and Joged" are two important things that make it difficult to do, at least for me. Some time ago I had the opportunity to sing my new single "KOPI DARAT" at one of music program on TV, of course with dangdut music arranger. A tough job for me, and when the backstage, I've tried to change my mind that this time I was a "dangdut singers" hoping to maximize my performance on stage.

Did it work?

Of course not! when the show was over, my road manager said:  "Was that Joget dangdut with R & B style"
Once again salute for dangdut singer!

Out fit by Crazy No Play

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is the second time I appeared in the music program "dasyat", and feels a little different because of the shooting done in Tanjung Duren firehouse in West Jakarta. The nice thing is, to get to my shooting locations are required to drive a fire truck and firefighting crews. and this is very enjoyable.