Monday, November 21, 2011

Panic Attack!

Nearly 11 pm, and I am still conducting my self in front of a large mirror in the corner of a hotel room while completing my make up an almost finished. as usual, for the purposes of the show, I was so used my own makeup. I feel I am the one who best understand and know my face shape and what type of makeup should I apply to my face.


me: "Eka, where my eyelashes?
eka: "in the beauty case." he said as she continued to finished my hair clip.
me: "do not exist."
eka: seriously?
me: forget to bring, right?

oh my god, what would happen if I did not apply the lashes on my makeup tonight.

and all of a sudden panic attack.
My assistant, my personal stylish, all panicked and tried to call my friends who are in the city of Bandung for help, and no one else can help because it is past midnight, and of course all the supermarkets closed.

panic attacks!

 outfit from Crazy No Play by fai

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fashion Icon

Stage has long been my area to explore, not only for my music, my choreography, but the platform has become an area of ​​my catwalk, demonstrating every outfit I'm wearing.

Many world musicians who later became a fashion icon because of their style, I also want, and I think it's humane, but it is not my main priority. I really want is to give a perfect packing in each of my appearance.

Fortunately I met this man from Crazy No Play, I call it fashion angel guard. Its because, he gave me a different touch in each of my appearance on the stage and music programs on television. Somewhat surprisingly well when I know that he not only served as my personal fashion stylish, but also as a designer of any clothes that I wore when singing on stage.

How lucky me?
yeah im so lucky girl.

And one thing that makes me quite a surprise is that every shirt I'm wearing a handmade work.

Cool! isn't it?

From some fashion references that I gave, he could be a style that mixes incredible.

Rock, Edge, colorfull, but still there is a touch of feminine in it.

Love it!

  • Wearing Crazy No Play by Fai when i perform on Dasyat RCTI

  •  Wearing Crazy No Play by Fai when i perform on Dering Trans TV

  •   Wearing Crazy no Play by Fai, when i perform on Mantap ANTV

  •  Wearing Crazy No Play by Fai, when i perform on Dering (bollywood) Trans TV

  •   Wearing Crazy No Play by Fai, when i perform on 2nd anniversary of LIQUID Semarang

  •   Wearing Crazy No Play by Fai, when i perform on Dering Prime Time Trans TV

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yuk kita nari!

Personally, as a singer is not only required to have a melodious vocals and excellent, but it must be a complete package. Melodious voice, charming costume and stage act are stunning.

And for me, to show a great stage act package needs to hard work. Singing and dancing at the same time not easy to do. Fortunately for me, I've done two things, long before I became a professional singer like now. But I believe nothing is impossible, every thing is possible if what we do be done with hearts