Tuesday, October 25, 2011


After 45 minutes to fly using one of the airlines from Jakarta, me and the crew could re-gain a foothold in the city of Semarang. it feels like dejavu can come back to this city, after the first, had once been in this town with my band to be a home band at one club in this city.

My adrenaline flare again, imagine the hysteria of which will witness the end of my show with other artist friends role in the framework of the 2nd anniversary of LIQUID Semarang. And i think tonight will be a long night for partying.

The show tonight will be great because the concepts that I played was singing to the accompaniment of DJs, this is probably not a new thing for me, but still, it is becoming something that I've been waiting for.
So guys, enjoy the moment
 Going to......

With my FGA, Fai

Arrived at Semarang, Me with DJ Lawrance

After sound check at the venue

Out fit from Crazy No Play

The Make Up

My out fit over all, Awsome! rigth?

The Show is Begining

Hello Semarang, put your hands up

The show is over, Semarang Rock in

Artis : Aliya Sachi
Wardrobe : Crazy No Play by Fai and my stuff

Saturday, October 22, 2011

KOPI DARAT yuk!!!!

Jangan bilang siapa-siapa, I was single a duet with Aura Kasih, is a milestone where I stuck my foot into the music industry of Indonesia, under the auspices of the Millionaires Club Music Entertainment as my management.

And ....

after a long sabbatical, I returned with my new single hits KOPI DARAT Gala Mary Jane's creation, with the remains brought the genre of pop with a touch of dangdut make it sound so sexy singles.

 Use the army look dress when I appeared on a talk show program "Bukan 4 Mata" Trans 7

using a tube dress shocking pink when I appeared on a talk show program "Kakek-kakek Narsis" Trans TV

With my street fashion when I appeared on Dering prime Time Trans TV

wearing bollywood style, when i appeared on Dering Pagi, Trans TV
                   and my stuff 
Styling by : Fei